Parents & Citizens Association

2016 Parents & Citizens
Contact List




Megan Hemming

Vice Presidents

Jennifer Sexton

Nardia Kerin


Rachel McGrath

Assistant Treasurer

Alison Brake


Marisa Kruger

Heather Clarke

Canteen Manager

Cindy Allen

Canteen Coordinator

Kirsti Kuzmanoski

Canteen Treasurer

Tracey Pinto

P & C Council Delegates

Kathryn James

Nicholas Hall

Preschool Representatives

Shirley Kardum (Th/ F)

Kristine Evans (M/Tu)

Fundraising Coordinator

Val Brennan

Functions Co-ordinator

Shirley Kardum

Precinct Committee Chair

Nicholas Hall

Uniform Shop Manager

Laura Anderson

Uniform Shop Assistant

Samantha Mills

Uniform Shop Assistant

Tamara Middleton

Breakfast Club Coordinator

Kim Kingston

Before and After School Care Liaison

Chris Jones

Book Club Coordinator

Julia Helle

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Janelle Kennard

School Banking

Cate Ticehurst

Christine Ostheimer

Kylie Charles


The P&C Association offers a great opportunity for all parents and carers to be involved in the school. Our P&C raises a significant amount of funds to support learning at the school and the school's facilities, including canteen, playgrounds, uniform shop, after school care, year 6 graduation, and the teaching kitchen.

Our P&C is an active and dynamic group that welcomes new members and involvement. We want to have input into our children's education, and volunteering with the P&C is the best way to do that.

What we do

  • Ensure a good community vibe for our school
  • Run the canteen and uniform shop
  • Do what we can to make money for our kids whilst having fun
  • Give what time we can without being expected to help with every event
  • Encourage and develop parent participation and involvement in the school
  • Be the forum for parent discussion pertaining to the school community & to gather opinions
  • Help our school become environmentally sustainable
  • Ensure new families are welcomed

Do I need to join the P&C?

No.  All members of the school community are welcome at meetings and events.

Being a member of the P&C does not mean that you need to attend meetings or help in all fundraising activities.  What it can do is offer you the chance to gain some insight into how the school works, understand the school's needs and priorities and also to have an influence on what happens at your school.

How can I become involved with the P&C?

The great thing about the P&C is that you can put in as much time and effort as you choose.  This may vary over the year or from year to year as your personal circumstances change.  If you would like to be more involved with the P&C you could consider:

  • Becoming an office holder with the P&C:  The AGM and election of office bearers, is held each year in February. It would be fantastic to see some new faces amongst the P&C so, if you feel like you might be interested but are just not certain what might be involved; come along to the February meeting and get the heads up on how it all works.  Any member of the P&C may nominate themselves for an office and an election will be held as a show of hands.  The P&C Executive Committee is formed by the 4 official positions elected each year – President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Other positions, as listed in the table below are simply allocated to any willing volunteer.
  • Joining a committee or simply going along to committee meetings when you have the time:  The Canteen, Uniform Shop and Fundraising are all managed via a sub-committee of the P&C and they value the contributions of parents at meetings.
  • Assist at an event: P&C activities provide great opportunities to meet new families and share ideas. There is much enjoyment to be had, not only in attending P&C functions but also in helping with the functions.  If you think you might be interested in helping out with something, make contact with the coordinator or go to a meeting – you will NEVER be recruited for a job you don't want or pressured into doing something.  The smallest contribution is still valuable.

When does the P&C meet?

The P&C meets at 7pm on a Wednesday, 1-2 times per term to discuss a range of issues concerning the school, parents and the community.  Our meetings are relaxed and casual; however we do follow an agenda and have a hearty discussion on most issues.  During the meetings various reports are tabled, topics are discussed and plans made for the following months, and our Principal comes along and keeps us informed of what is happening in the school.  Despite its structure and effectiveness, the P&C is not a formal rigid body; we are a friendly collection of people who have the best interests of our children at heart!

If you have something you'd like the P&C to consider and you can't make it in person, you can email it with the subject header "P&C Agenda" and a brief explanation of the issue.

Contact Us

You can email us at, or you can contact the school for any information regarding the P&C. We would love to hear from you!

We hope that you will join us in making Giralang Primary School a great school for our children.