School Design

Our award winning architecture provides a stimulating learning environment in which to learn and teach, with interesting spaces, open areas and "nooks" for quiet work. The unique design gives the flexibility of open-plan spaces, for team teaching and multi-age groupings, while at the same time providing well defined class spaces.  Teachers can vary the learning environment throughout the day to cater for individual needs. Unlike other open-plan schools, children in one learning area do not have a direct view of students in other classes.

Kids study at the flexibility of open-plan spaces

The Giralang School site has the administration and executive offices and K-6 classrooms located in the main school building. Our preschool is connected to the school in a purpose built area with a separately fenced and recently upgraded outdoor play area.  Each class has an Interactive Whiteboard and ready access to iPads so that children can develop Information Communication and Technology (ICT) skills as an integrated part of their learning.

Our vibrant Library is the hub of the school providing students with opportunities to research using the internet, borrow and return books and complete project work.  The library also boasts a beautiful mezzanine level that serves as a large computer lab where formal ICT lessons are held. 

Giralang Primary is located around a central courtyard, which is in the process on being developed into a Japanese garden.  The courtyard is an excellent setting for our students to learn about our environment and become connected with our Japanese and Sustainability programs.

Kids and teacher work in the Japanese gardenA boy is talking with the teacher