Literacy and Numeracy


At Giralang Primary School the Australian Curriculum: English underpins the teaching of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and speaking and listening. Teachers use a balanced literacy approach to support students in developing essential literacy skills. Teachers use First Steps and BEE Spelling approaches to inform their planning so that lessons and activities meet the needs of students. Teachers in the early years also focus on developing phonological awareness and sight words knowledge to develop a firm foundation for reading, writing and spelling instruction.


At Giralang Primary School the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics forms the basis of our Mathematics curriculum. The curriculum is organised into three strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Teachers use the Middle Years Mental Computation and Count Me In Too programs to help differentiate tasks to meet individual student needs. This combined with using 'I Can' statements to make learning visible help to support our students  in becoming lifelong learners as they take charge of their own learning through goal setting as well as reflecting on their progress towards these targets.

Kids and teacher are work together