Special Needs

Learning Support Centre

Giralang Primary School has a Learning Support Centre that services the needs of students in the Belconnen region. Students within the Learning Support Centre are fully integrated into mainstream classes and receive extra support (in small groups or one-to-one) during short withdrawal periods.

Learning Assistance

Giralang Primary School has a Learning Assistance teacher who works with parents, teachers and the school counsellor to help meet the learning needs of individual students.

The Learning Assistance teacher at Giralang provides assistance to classroom teachers to help develop and implement effective classroom programs for children identified as requiring additional support to be able to successfully access the curriculum. The Learning Assistance teacher provides support to students individually, in small groups or working with teachers in the classroom. This program is additional to the strategies used by the classroom teacher to meet individual needs.

Special Needs

Giralang Primary School promotes inclusive education where all children are provided with opportunities to successfully access the curriculum. Students with special needs are included in the regular school program throughout the day.

Giralang Primary School has an integrated support program that is fully inclusive. Children with special needs who qualify, receive additional assistance within the classroom from a Learning Support Assistants (LSA)

Giralang's small classes, our extensive IT facilities and unique building also make it ideal for many children with special needs.